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Here are some of the questions we get asked. If your question isn't listed here or you would like more information then please get in touch with the Barnardo's team using the info at the bottom of this page. 


How many activities and animations are in the packs?

  • Primary: 84 activities & 17 animations
  • Secondary: 100 activities & 17 animations 
  • SEND: 148 activities & 13 animations

I already have the old packs. Why should I buy the updated version?

We are very passionate about children and young people receiving good quality, relevant and up to date messages around sex and relationships and them having the opportunity to explore these issues with professionals and their peers.  As the other arm of our service is a sexual trauma/sexual concerns/HSB service, we see all too often, in direct work, evidence of children and young people just not having the right messages about what is ok and not ok, and very poor quality, inaccurate, if any, information about sex and relationships.

If you have the old packs we would encourage you to consider buying the new packs.  A significant reason we reviewed and subsequently launched a new edition was to update the language used, to ensure none of it was victim blaming and that it was the most up to date and correct language available to us. In addition, through our own work with children and young people we were aware that they were dealing with new risks and threats and weren’t necessarily being equipped with the information or knowledge they needed around these new ‘themes’.  These have been included in the 2nd edition, which has also been produced with the statutory RSE guidance (for England) and the Keeping Children Safe In Education (2022) publication in mind.

Do you have any pictures/examples/further details of the type of materials included in the Real Love Rocks resources?

You can find examples of the packs, worksheets and animations on the Real Love Rocks website  and watch the promo video at

The team have also developed a FREE ‘How To’ webinar which is available on the website and will take you through everything you need to know and useful tips on delivering the programme.

Do we need a licence to use the pack? What does the licence give us?

The packs cost £299 plus postage, and the purchase includes a licence for 3 years which gives you access to the animations and downloadable content on our website. The licence can then be renewed for £99.

Is there specific guidance around how long should be spent on implementing the programme? Is there a minimum/maximum number of hours/sessions for Primary and Secondary Schools?

The programme consists of 5 sections with each of the activities with approx. timings; this flexibility as a toolkit allows the facilitator to spend more time on areas/topics they feel best suited to the group’s needs and also supports work that school may have covered. However, we would recommend spending a minimum of delivery of 2 hours per section.

Are Secondary packs suitable for young people over 14 years old?

Our resources have been developed for universal settings so although we promote them for Year 7-9 for Secondary, we have lots of other services for example youth offending teams, youth services, residential units, social care staff and also schools using the resources with older young people as the content covers many topics that they will benefit from learning about.  

We have had other PRUs using the resources too. Due to the content, often older young people may have more experiences than say 11-14 years old, for example work around healthy relationships and consent. Our new resources also cover wider than our original resources sexual exploitation and grooming, as now also include criminal exploitation, radicalisation, sexual abuse, updated online content and a whole new section of feelings, brains and bodies and emotional regulation; it also explores issues of sexual harassment and young people who may display problematic or harmful sexual behaviours. 

Does Real Love Rocks have to be used in a particular way? Can we incorporate it into a whole key stage curriculum, or does it have to be group intervention?

The new edition covers wider exploitation, is trauma informed and includes a new section on Feelings, Brains and Bodies, as a foundation for learning about how the brain works and emotional regulation. The resource is flexible to be used for full groups or individuals.

If we are using it as a group or whole class curriculum, can we adapt to meet individual needs?

The resource is flexible and can be adapted to be used for full groups or individuals.

What qualifications do we need in order to buy it and deliver it? i.e., can a teacher or unqualified teacher and TA deliver it?

The pack is suitable to be delivered by professionals working with children and young people. We also have some training available online, however the pack and website include detailed facilitator’s notes and method for all the activities.

What are the key differences between the Secondary and the SEND pack?

The SEND pack is not a like for like adaption of the Secondary; it covers the same themes and topics, but it is done with easier to understand language, and less metaphors. Both are equally visual, as contain animations and colourful worksheets, examples as shown on our website, and work as a toolkit so facilitators can work through depending on the needs of their group. For example, a Secondary animation can be paused at any point, split down into more bitesize if that better suits individual young people or groups – it’s really flexible; this can also be done with the SEND version.

Do you deliver Real Love Rocks sessions to children/young people in schools? Do you deliver training sessions for staff?

Unfortunately, we do not have capacity to deliver sessions in school. The packs are designed to be self-explanatory, and no mandatory training is needed for their delivery; however, the team have developed a FREE ‘How To’ webinar which is available on the website and will take you through everything you need to know and useful tips on delivering the programme.

The team has also launched a more detailed online training (webinar based) that can be purchased with the packs. The training is a pre-recorded half-day online course which can be accessed whenever it is needed; it costs £99 per person. You can find all the information about its contents HERE.

Our aim is to reach as many children and young people with the resources as possible. In order to do this, for those people who feel they need training first, the training needs to be as accessible to everyone as possible, thus, a pre-recorded webinar that can be accessed anywhere, at any time by the individual and as many times as they need.  The feedback we have had about the face-to-face training, while really positive, is that teachers particularly struggle to be released for a full day of training and as the training is a one-off event, someone may attend the training weeks/months before they are delivering the resources to children and young people, without the possibility for a refresher or recap.

Some facts about the BSL translation and subtitles process:

  • The brain processes spoken and written information at different rates and usually processing of written information is slower. It is this reason why many captions and subtitles are written in a shorter or more direct format and not verbatim.
  • We speak and listen much faster than we can read and understand language - verbatim subtitles may not be sufficient access for Deaf children with limited English or for those who aren't fluent readers yet.
  • Primary school children may require adapted captions that are clear and simple in order for them to engage with the content through subtitles. 
  • Research shows that Deaf children may face significant barriers to written English, with the average reading age of a 9-year-old by the time they leave school.

Does the Primary pack teach specifically about sexual violence and harassment in primary school?

The Primary resource does cover topics of harassment and sexual violence but in an age-appropriate way using OK/ Not Ok touch/ language/ behaviours, boundaries, bullying, power and control- exploring consent- these are covered on and offline. 

There is a strong theme of encouraging children to develop a support network of trusted adults who they can go to with any issues and supporting facilitators on noticing changes in children who may be experiencing any of the issues covered in the resources. 

There are lots of animated scenarios of real-life experiences for the children to explore and develop critical thinking skills, empathy, kindness and equality. 

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the resources?

Yes, if you purchase the resources and then feel they are not appropriate, we will happily issue a refund on return of the pack.

I already bought a pack and I want to buy more packs but using the same login details. Will I get a reduced price?

Each pack comes with a licence that runs for 3 years from purchase date, so you will need new logins along with the new packs, as this would give you a licence from the date of the new purchase rather than the old one.

Whilst logins may be shared by a couple of staff using 1 pack, we would not advise those with multiple packs all using the same logins as this could cause a technical issue if they try and access the online materials at the same time, as it is not how the system is set up.

The online logins do not cost our service anything to produce hence there is no reduction in not needing them.


How can I access the resources online?

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email with your username and password. These will give you access to the online material through the login page on the Real Love Rocks website:

Can I change the password on my account?

Yes, you can change your password using the ‘Reset Password’ function on the login page You will receive an email with a link that will allow you to change the password.

Our finance team ordered the Real Love Rocks resources, but they will be used by a different member of staff. Can the email address on our account be changed?

Yes, please send us an email on and our team will be able to change the email address for you. Please note that your password will stay the same, so you can either reset it yourself from the login page or ask us to generate a new one for you.

I have received my login details but when I put my password on the website I get an error message saying that my password is invalid. What can I do?

This issue can happen for different reasons.

If you copy and paste your password from the email (rather than typing it yourself on the website), it might be that when you select the password you also accidentally select an extra space that is not recognised on the website and will invalid your password. So please make sure that you select only the characters of your password.

Another possibility is that your account has been locked out due to too many failed password attempts. Please contact us on and our team will be happy to unlock it for you.

I haven’t received the email with my login details. What can I do?

Firstly, please check your junk folder as sometimes it might end up in there.

Your username would be the email address that has been used to place the order, so you can get a new password using the ‘Reset Password’ tool on the Login page.

If none of this works, please contact us on and our team will be able to help you.

How do staff download content from the website? Do they require anything in particular and in which format do downloads come?

The worksheets are in PDF format so they can be easily downloaded or printed. The animations can be either live streamed on your computer or downloaded and it will be in an mp4 format. The animations and worksheets must be used alongside the printed copy that you will receive in the post as it contains all the facilitator’s notes and lessons plans (these cannot be photocopied though as they are protected by copyright).


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