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Real Love Rocks is a ground-breaking education and awareness raising programme developed by Barnardo’s Safer Futures Trauma Services. Promoting children and young people’s rights to healthy, consensual and safe relationships with peers, partner, their family and across their community is at the heart of this.

We are extremely excited to share with you that we have been working hard updating and refreshing both the Primary and Secondary Real Love Rocks Healthy Relationships and Exploitation Educational Resources, and we have also launched a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) edition, all available now, all developed to meet the new statutory Relationships and Sex Education guidance.

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SEND pack available 15th Dec


Healthy Relationships & Exploitation Education Resources


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"A child who has experienced exploitation or abuse may feel that they have no one -

- Young Person


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Real Love Rocks valuing the unique worth of every person since 2013


Real Love Rocks is made by young people for young people

Our resources have been developed with young people – making them current, relevant, and engaging…by young people for children and young people. We have also been liaising with trauma specialists, frontline practitioners, SEND leads, teachers, schools, colleges and universities and have included up to date guidance and legislation in all our resources.


What is Exploitation?

Exploitation can happen when a child or young person is manipulated or pressured into a situation that may impact on them negatively, and at times may really hurt; this can happen by one person or a group of people.

They may use different things to build a relationship with the young person to gain their trust like: food, clothes, a place to go, drugs and alcohol, and giving them affection, friendship, time, pretending to love, care and offer protection. They trick and manipulate children and young people to gain their trust; this gives them power over the child or young person so they can control them and get them to do what they want.   

They may abuse the child or young person physically, sexually, emotionally or get them in trouble by being made to do illegal things. This can happen in person or online. All of this can be difficult to recognise for children and young people and can lead to confusion. 


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